Recording Black Lives Matter events

Just looking back through my archive – I wondered now that restrictions are being eased – will we see a return to events such as this?

As always I am privileged to be asked to record events that will ultimately be reflected on – hopefully but not always as instigators of change.

School building – special assignment

Achieving a special request by a builder and school

Looking back through the archive I came across this image that was shot in-camera not created afterwards in software. The request was for some images that shows a school having building work carried on while the school is open – but with no identifiable children in shot (other than staff children).

After the routine shots of building work I decided to try a long exposure with the camera hand held by me (long before “vibration-reduction” lenses were invented) while I was perched on a cherry-picker with the children running around some of the staff and workers. It turned out to be the most popular shot of the day despite having no buildings in sight!

time exposure long before vibration reduction was invented