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Professional photographer for Normanton Church Rutland Water wedding photography.

Surely the most iconic wedding venue in Rutland – perhaps even in the East Midlands – must be the Normanton Church situated on the shores of Rutland Water within a few hundred metres of Normanton Park Hotel.

wedding photography normanton church and barnsdale hall 012
normanton church rutland water wedding photography

The Church itself is situated on a small man-made peninsula, which was created to preserve the historic Church during the creation of Rutland Water in the latter 1970s.

Perhaps the most surprising result of this is that you are only actually using about the top half of the original building – the rest being filled-in. One result of this is that there is now only one entrance and exit at the church – which can mean you need an experienced local photographer who knows the venue really well.

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wedding photography at Normanton Church


Brides can have a choice of either arriving very early ( some 30-45 minutes before the wedding time) and waiting in a room at the far end of the church hidden from view, or can arrive “just in time” but if this is the case they will need to use the other end of the church for the ceremony.  This is now the most popular way to arrange the ceremony at Normanton Church.

normanton church wedding photograph from dome end to rear of church

Our favourite method for this venue is to photograph guests arriving with the view of the church in the background, followed by the bridal party arrivals, the ceremony discreetly from next to the registrars so that we have a clear view of the bride and groom, and then afterwards to take the bridal party to the columns at the end of the church facing the reservoir.

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normanton church bridal columns at end of church

This is certainly an amazing venue that will possibly surprise and certainly give great pleasure to your guests.  Don’t forget you can also book a cruise one-way (or both ways) on the Rutland Belle from Whitwell – but you would need to book well in advance.

As photographers genuinely based in Oakham, Rutland we have photographed scores of weddings at Normanton Church since it first obtained a licence (in fact we photographed it for editorial purposes long before this – when it was a museum!). Many photographers travel in to Rutland and many of them are very good indeed, but we are the original Rutland Photographers with all the experience, contacts and knowledge that we can bring to a Rutland Water wedding.

wedding photography normanton church rutland water

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We look forward to helping you with your special day.

sunset at Normanton Church Rutland Water wedding photographer