Recent images from the Diversity festival in Stamford 2022

I was delighted to photograph the Diversity Festival in Stamford in 2022 – here you can see a sample image with a link beneath to see the full range of images taken on the day.

Stamford Diversity Festival 2022

You can visit the online gallery here from where you can order individual prints (private and personal use only) or receive a full size download for reproduction in press / PR / commercial environments

Recent images from Black Lives Matter Stamford, 2020

Below you can see a sample image from the Black Lives Matter event in Stamford in 2020. You will find beneath a link to the full online gallery of images.

Black Lives Matter, Stamford

If you follow this link you will see the full range of images – private and personal users can order small prints if you wish and Press / PR / Commercial clients can order a download of high resolution images for reproduction

Meal for Ukraine

I was delighted to photograph the meal for Ukraine at Stamford College in June 2022

Meal for Ukraine Stamford College June 2022

This link will take you to a gallery of the images – where it is possible for private individuals to order a small print if they wish or just to look at them. Commercial clients can also order a digital copy with right to reproduce.

A couple from Oakham Pride – the first of its kind in Rutland:

Oakham pride event

Oakham pride – colourful event

Rabbit fur protest

Campaigning against farming for rabbit fur (as a “by product” of rabbit meat)