Commercial product Photography still life

We have supplied product photography to dozens of businesses over the years.

Our ambition is create high quality images, on time, to the brief, and on budget.

If you are interested why not drop us an email right now?

Make no mistake your competitors are almost certainly  updating all of their promotional material ready for the anticipated upturn in business. You will not have time to catch up if you leave everything until then.

Please contact us to hear how you can send your product in by carrier – we would be happy to chat with you first to discuss the procedure, what we can offer, and a price guide.


Hopefully we get a chance to  chat before proceeding.

You send the items in by carrier – ideally you will send in spares and any packaging. Crucially it is helpful to have some spare packaging sent in flat packed so it is not crushed. If your packaging includes clear acetate panels to see the product we will remove them to avoid reflections – please note this may tear the packaging – if you have any trial packaging produced without the acetate please send this as well.

We shoot the products with and without packaging to the brief we have agreed, edit, and resize.

These are then displayed in a password-protected gallery for you to ensure you are happy. Once you are sure you then pay the invoice, and we release the images to be downloaded.

Your invoice will include the estimated cost of return carrier, but if the item is low value or may spoil (for example on our products page you will see some chocolates) then we would reach agreement to not return them.

And that’s it! We do all the work!

Please contact us for the details and to arrange a  chat – we really are very friendly and easy to get on with.