Recording Black Lives Matter events

Just looking back through my archive – I wondered now that restrictions are being eased – will we see a return to events such as this?

As always I am privileged to be asked to record events that will ultimately be reflected on – hopefully but not always as instigators of change.

A right Royal visit

This week I was commissioned to be official photographer at a Royal visit to Rutland. I have been fortunate to be invited to photograph Royalty on several occasions and so knew the way this has to be handled. I have to say the Duke was a particularly happy chap and the whole day was a joy to photograph.

Here are just a few from the day:

School building – special assignment

Achieving a special request by a builder and school

Looking back through the archive I came across this image that was shot in-camera not created afterwards in software. The request was for some images that shows a school having building work carried on while the school is open – but with no identifiable children in shot (other than staff children).

After the routine shots of building work I decided to try a long exposure with the camera hand held by me (long before “vibration-reduction” lenses were invented) while I was perched on a cherry-picker with the children running around some of the staff and workers. It turned out to be the most popular shot of the day despite having no buildings in sight!

time exposure long before vibration reduction was invented

Drama photography assignment

On assignment at a college drama production

One of the pleasures of working for the press is attending local drama productions.

drama photography Rutland

The enthusiasm and ability that I have seen over the years is quite astonishing – I’m sure the parents carers and staff must be proud of everything that has been achieved, and it is a real delight to record this for the actors to look back on in years to come.

Safe Play editorial assignment

Never too young to learn about safety

On assignent for a local builder recently I was asked to down tools and record a visit of children touring the site looking for clues about safety.

school trip to builder photograph Rutland

The children were very keen to learn – and of course to have fun at the same time – a shoot such as this requires discretion – who may or may not be photographed and how exactly they are photographed.

school event photography

After 30 years as a press and pr photographer I have learned to gain the trust of subjects early on – and the best way to do this is to engage with them

photojournalist style

All in all a fantastic bonus while on site – not in financial terms but just to see the joy on the children’s faces and to know they are learning about site safety at the same time.

you know – I think they might have spotted something

I’m always happy to discuss how I might be able to help you – why not use the contact form to make an informal enquiry, or just to have a chat?

When the movies came to town

A brief look back at when Stamford was transformed in to the Regency era for filming

Good times will be coming back soon

A normal kind of March ?

As we head towards opening up again (hopefully…….pretty please) I thought it might be nice to look at what a “normal” kind of March might mean for a press PR and commercial photographer.

High Sheriff awards March 2020
High Sheriff awards March 2020
Bourne – v – Deeping Hockey March 2020
The emergency services show their generosity just before lockdown
Sports relief March 2016

Will local cricket return?

This is a photography blog targeting my editorial work – so no politics!

What I will say is that I for one miss our young people getting the chance to learn new skills, work as a team, and benefit from the exercise.

This slideshow is from the 2019 Burghley Cricket Festival – lots of fun and activities and good old fashioned team play.

I for one hope we see a return to this – albeit with smaller numbers watching and lots of special care and safety.

Itchy fingers here ready for trying to capture the bails coming off again!

A normal kind of May

A normal kind of May

For this week’s article we thought it would be interesting to look back on some images from May in previous years.

This is normally a time for lots of fetes, and not surprisingly they feature strongly in our archive.

We have chosen just a few that we feel capture the spirit of May, and are something we can all look forward to enjoying again, when we are free to meet and mingle like before. We could fill pages and pages but lets take a quick look…….

Exton Fete dog show May

Above are the proud winners of a previous dog show at Exton Fete – a brilliant event that really brings the community spirit of Exton to the fore.


May Queen and attendants – Braunston in Rutland

May brings the annual event at Braunston in Rutland – known originally in the 1990’s as “The Happening” – this reinstated some of the historic events including maypole dancing, fun and games, and as pictured above the presentation of the May Queen with her attendants.


Opening of Bourne Outdoor Swing Pool

Each year brings the opening of the outdoor swimming pool on Abbey Lawns in Bourne. This is a fantastic achievement by the community who raise funds and maintain this amazing facility that is used not just by locals. The last time we visited to photograph a hot summer our commissioned photographer was greeted by his neighbours from Oakham!

Truly a brilliant facility for the community – and an exceptional example of community spirit to keep this pool open – unlike so many other outdoor pools.


Little Bytham Fun Run

Another example of community spirit, this was the first time we had been commissioned to photograph the Little Bytham Fun Run.  Skillfully managed this course can be both fun and challenging in equal measure, and is a great fund-raiser.  Well played to this small but close-knit community bringing this event forward.


fun and games

Fun and games at the Game Fair at Burghley House – it really is a fun day for all the family at this annual event in May and we can’t wait for it to return so we can mingle with the excited crowds and capture the feeling of the day


Potential clients often ask about our length of experience as press photographers – here are some straightforward examples which are also from May – but this time May 2004 – we have been around for some time!  Here you can see maypole dancing and May Queen in Stamford, some motorsport and some happy prizewinners at another fete.


Easton Fete ices

We could go on forever but lets end this look back at a normal kind of May with a traditional scene from a fete – this time at Easton on the Hill.  Something tells us that we are all waiting for the chance to get back to normal and share some ices at a village fete. It is perhaps now more than ever that we appreciate the simpler things in life.

Take care and stay safe everyone.

Don’t forget the other emergency services

Don’t forget the other emergency services

For this week’s editorial I wanted to reflect on the other emergency services that seem to get so little press, but which provide such a vital service.

I am talking here about the emergency services embedded within our armed forces.

Normally when  I have mentioned this the response is “Oh yes! You mean the military police.”  This is probably because of the nature of their work – they are quite often to be seen out and about “off base” in their vehicles, particularly at garrison towns or near Navy and RAF bases.

They do a wonderful job of course – as does also the medical services within the armed forces- but my photojournalism has tended to be more about the RAF Fire Service.

A Press photography editorial photojournalist 042
Photojournalist, RAF Fire Service, Press PR photography

Now despite 30 years working for the local press, I have to say that neither I nor any of my colleagues classmates ourselves as “ambulance chasers”. For that reason what you see here are training exercises at RAF Wittering just over the border from Rutland.

A Press photography editorial photojournalist 048
Photojournalist, RAF Fire Service, Press PR photography RAF Wittering

I have to say that this particular exercise was (from my lay person view) extremely realistic – and I was overwhelmed by the professionalism of the young people involved in the Fire and Rescue rehearsal.

As we rightly laud the efforts of our civilian emergency services, and of the Armed Forces, let’s remember that there is yet another class of hero – those who work in the emergency services with the Armed Forces.

Now they are truly a force to be reckoned with.