Project: Poverty in the rural setting


After spending several years in my other role working with partners in the voluntary, NGOs and local authority sectors it has been increasingly suggested that rural poverty both absolute and relative are under- reported in the media.

In some ways this is an understandable result of authorities’ natural tendency to promote their own location as being “ideal for families to live, work and play” and for the the PR machine to perhaps not want to openly challenge perceptions or talk about those who are less fortunate. That is not to criticise anything that has been done or said, it is merely a reflection of my experience in the sector.

The project brief:

Broadening knowledge from the traditional emphasis on urban deprivation -increasing awareness and understanding of the issue of rural poverty – with its causes and impacts

To promote the increased awareness and understanding of both the causes and impact of poverty within a rural setting

“Rural” will have a broad definition to include situations from isolated homes to small towns and villages but will be restricted to the UK and will have an emphasis on sustainability by utilising public transport where possible.

The project will specifically aim to represent the causes and impact of rural poverty (rather than being a simplistic reflection of deprivation), formatted to present to NGOs.

Current status:

The initial scoping, research and liaison with NGOs is due to commence in early December 2022, after the current Moments of Peace Exhibition has finished its second run of display.

The anticipated timescale is 11 months.

Funding is currently being actively sought, on the basis of 50/50 match funding for the technology costs, and my time being pro bono.

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