Weddings at lockdown

What is a couple to do?

Sitting here towards the end of April I might expect to have around 6 weddings to photograph in the coming 8 weeks.

Instead – I find that all my couples have now changed their dates – and these have been re-arranged for between November 2020 and May 2021. I applaud the positive decisions these couples have made – and more to the point I am delighted that all their venues and suppliers have been so accommodating.

So what about those couples who have not yet made up their minds? Well I certainly won’t be offering definitive advice (therein lies a law-suit!) but maybe some pointers:

  1. If you have wedding insurance check with them before making any changes or cancellations.
  2. Venues and suppliers are MOSTLY being very helpful – but a cancellation may mean a lost deposit or worse – generally you are better to rebook assuming that we will have our restrictions lifted by your revised date.
  3. Check first with your “one-a-day only” suppliers when setting any new date. There are many suppliers who can cover several weddings in one day – florists spring to mind. However your venue (or at least your particular part of it) and your photographer, and your entertainment are unlikely to be so flexible.
  4. Don’t necessary be afraid of weekdays or out-of-season dates.  These can have significant cost savings.
Normanton Church and bride at a winter wedding in Rutland
Don’t be afraid of winter weddings


We can’t always promise that a family will be walking by with a sledge at your wedding – or that they will let the bride use it!  However there will be plenty of scope for photography at any time of year – it might just be a bit different.

One word of caution – in winter more than ever you will need to hire a professional photographer with the experience to deal with the unexpected.

Stay safe everyone – and have a great day when it happens.


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