Alan has been a professional photographer for over thirty years – starting as a commercial photographer with a strong emphasis on editorial work for the local press, Alan now concentrates on social documentary photography. He will travel anywhere in the UK, but is mostly known for his work in what he often refers to as his his “adoptive home” of Stamford, and also in Rutland and the rest of the East Midlands.


Following a successful exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre in October, Alan’s project “Moments of Peace” will now also be exhibited at the Allman Gallery, Victoria Hall, Oakham from the 28th November to the 13th December 2022

Black Lives Matter march, Stamford
Black lives matter march, Stamford

Alan is actively seeking assignments for photojournalism and social documentary photography including photo essays and preparation for exhibitions.

Alan can be contacted using the enquiry form on the contact page

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