Alan has been a professional photographer for over thirty years – starting as a commercial photographer with a strong emphasis on editorial work for the local press, Alan now concentrates on social documentary photography. He will travel anywhere in the UK, but is mostly known for his work in what he often refers to as his his “adoptive home” of Stamford, and also in Rutland and the rest of the East Midlands.

Black Lives Matter march, Stamford

This change in emphasis is being reflected in changes to the “Gallery” page, which was historically a space for the exhibition of commercial assignments.

In recent years Alan has moved to recording social documentary images, either working directly for the local press, or creating projects, or as part of the evidence process for studies at the Open College of the Arts.

Black lives matter march, Stamford

Alan is actively seeking assignments for photojournalism and social documentary photography including photo essays and preparation for exhibitions.

Alan can be contacted using the enquiry form on the contact page